Oral solution

For vet Use only

Each 1 ml contains:  Diclazuril 10 mg.

Diclazuril is an anticoccidial of the benzene acetonitrile group and has an anticoccidial activity against Eimeria species. Depending on the coccidia species, diclazuril has a coccidiocidal effect on the asexual or sexual stages of the development cycle of the parasite. Treatment with diclazuril causes interruption of the coccidial cycle and of cxcretion of oocysts for approximately 2 to 3 weeks after administration.

Diclazuril is effective against Eimeria tenella, E. necatrrix, E acervulina, E. brunette, E. mitis, E. maxima, Eimeria adenoids,
gallopavonis, E. meleagrimitis, E. dispersa, E. ovina, E. crandallis and E. ovinoidalis. Becausc diclazuril is effective against E. maxima later in its life cycle, subclinical intestinal lesions may be present for a short time after infection.

Broiler Chickens: For the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria tenella, E. necatrrix E. acervulina, E. brunette, E. mitis and E. maxima.
Turkeys: For the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria adenoids, E gallopavonis, E. meleagrimitis and E. dispersa
Lambs: For the treatment and prevention of coccidial infections in lambs caused in particular by the more pathogenic Eimeria species, Eimeria crandallis and Eimeria ovinoidalis.

Target species:
Broiler Chickens, Turkeys and Lambs

Dosage and administration:
Route of administration: Orally via drinking water
Broiler chickens& turkeys: 1ml Medclazoril 1 %/10 liters of drinking water continuously
Lambs: 1ml Medclazoril 1%/10 kg. B.wt. daily for 3-5 days.

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